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UX is Dead. Long Live UX! Announcing the UX for AI Newsletter Launch

UX for AI Newsletter Launch

I know we have not corresponded for a while (what with surviving the Covid End of Times and all), so I am excited to share a brand-new weekly Newsletter:

UX for AI: UX Leadership in the Age of Singularity

The UX industry is about to change drastically through “Augmented Intelligence” — UX Designers, Researchers, and Product Managers partnering with AI to reach new levels of usability, efficiency, and depth of customization for our users. I am fascinated with the transition of UX to the “New Normal” and writing my 6th book on UX for AI.

To that end, I’ve partnered with the wonderful Daria Kempka, who is currently leading the UX team at LogicMonitor. Daria's superpower is to inspire everyone to live up to their best and highest potential — her integrity, consideration, and vision for a better, kinder world are incredibly powerful. I’m proud to have Daria as my contributing editor. However, while Daria is helping me out, these words you read are my own: if anything I wrote is incorrect or has offended you, it’s on me!

So, this newsletter is both a sneak peek and a proving ground for the book material, as we will be tracking closely what articles you are interested in. Please let us know what content resonates with you!

This newsletter is also a personal commitment to producing some quality content every week. I found that weekly cadence works well for us to write and edit thoughtful, considered pieces. At the same time, our readers can peruse the content at their pleasure without getting overwhelmed with a deluge of sensationalist, fleeting content in their email inbox.

Now, if you are not interested in the new format of the newsletter, I totally understand — after all, not everyone wants to geek out about UX for AI. In that case, please feel free to 1-click unsubscribe here:

For those who are still with us, thank you and welcome! I invite you to read our inaugural Newsletter installment:

Let us know what you think.

Lastly, I hope you join us at our next event:

UX for AI: A Framework for Product Design Workshop

3-day virtual workshop

December 6-8 2023, 9:30am-11:30am PT

Discover the path to AI project success in this practical workshop. Drawing insights from 32 UX for AI projects, Greg will equip you with advanced UX Design skills to lead your next AI project:

  • Identify the right AI use case

  • Deploy effective research techniques for AI applications

  • Create use-case storyboards

  • Leverage the “Value Matrix” to train AI models with human values

  • Harness established UX for AI design patterns like Digital Twin and Chat

  • Deploy advanced Data Visualizations to communicate AI predictions and insights

  • Structure your team for optimal project success.

  • Get the practical tools you need to succeed in leading your next UX for AI project.


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