About Greg Nudelman (Author)

Greg is an internationally recognized UX thought leader who has designed software used by millions of people around the world.

Greg is currently a Distinguished Designer/UX Architect at Sumo Logic, creating innovative AI/ML solutions for Security, Network, and Cloud Monitoring. A veteran of 32 AI projects, he led UX teams at Cisco Cloud Analytics and LogicMonitor, and GE Oil & Gas, where was a Sr. Director of UX and founded and led UX research for GE’s cross-product efforts on Industrial AI applications, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Oil Wells, Smart Helmets, AI Corrosion Manager, and more.

Prior to leading UX teams in the corporate world, Greg founded and ran a successful boutique consultancy, DesignCaffeine, Inc., helping Fortune 100 clients like Cisco, IBM, and Intuit to create millions of loyal customers and generate $100s of millions in additional valuation. An ardent inventor, Greg helped his clients and employers author 24 patents.

Greg is the author of 5 popular UX design books (Designing Search, Android Design Patterns, The Mobile Book, $1 Prototype, and Frontiers of Web Design) in addition to over 100 articles about UX for AI, mobile design, DesignOps, and design strategy.

Greg is a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world, with 100+ keynotes and workshops in 18 countries. He taught thousands of designers to use lightweight lean RITE methodology through hands-on workshops and graduate and undergraduate UX design courses at Marquette University, Hult Business School, and San Francisco State University.

In 2023, Greg founded UXforAI.com, a Newsletter dedicated to “leading with UX in the age of singularity” and perfecting the art of communication with our Robot Overlords. His 6th book, UX for AI, is planned for release in late 2023. He is also working on a TEDx talk. Greg’s complete resume and 40 recommendations are available on LinkedIn.

About Daria Kempka (Contributing Editor)

Leading the charge as Director of UX at LogicMonitor, Daria steers a dynamic global team of designers and researchers who are on a mission to deliver the best, most useful, most usable observability platform in the world.

Before this role, Daria led digital strategy at Marquette University, where she drove digital branding and marketing initiatives and oversaw the people, the processes, and the technology that powered them.

Daria brought human-centered design to every role she held, whether designing, developing, producing, or leading, because the work has to work for the people it’s meant for. Her superpower — and kryptonite — is getting cross-functional teams together to solve messy problems in new spaces — so she is eyeball-deep in UX for AI (and AI for UX) right now.