Greg is the author of 5 popular books on UX Design, which have been translated into multiple languages.

UX for AI: UX Leadership in the Age of Singularity

Upcoming late 2023

“Absolutely brilliant!”

Linda Lane, BFA, MSIM, Fmr Microsoft & Infosys.

Smashing Media, 2018

"The humorous prose is colorful and makes the material a fun read... This is very "visual" reading, and is much enjoyed and appreciated. The analysis is spot-on, and expertly worded... It’s a winner. We need more of this colorful kind of writing about technical things."

Smashing Magazine reviewer

DesignCaffeine Press, December 1, 2014

“In the presence of a master one better become a sponge and absorb as much as possible. The $1 prototype is revolutionary in the sense of taking the threshold barrier to the game — with $1 entry point… Greg enables everybody with a sharp eye and bright mind to come and play. It is an important milestone, low coast is a mass enabler… the teaching[s] in this book are invaluable.”

Yossi Ghinsberg, Best-Selling Author, CEO Blinq

Wiley, 2013

"By reading and using Greg’s entire book you will tremendously improve the entire mobile experience you will be creating for your customers. Bottom line, there is no other resource out there that goes to this level of depth on Android application design.”

Foreword by Theresa Neil

Smashing Media, 2013

"The depth of knowledge provided by the experts in this book is extraordinary. It blew me away. This book provides a diplomatic, comprehensive guide to understanding ‘Mobile’, delivered by people who have a real passion for the Mobile endeavors in our community.” 

Review by Ben Howdle

Wiley, 2011

"From multi-channel to multi-touch, Greg tackles the bleeding edge... Mobile and Tablet search patterns... This book will help you to escape the death of the mall and embrace the vivacious, pleasurable, and profitable life of the bazaar.”

Foreword by Peter Morville