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  • Designing Conversational Interfaces (Videoconference) November 14, 2019

Designing Conversational Interfaces (Videoconference) November 14, 2019

Hosted by Rosenfeld Media

There has never been a better time to design conversational UIs! In this informal session followed by extensive Q&A, Greg Nudelman, the author of 5 UX design books, veteran presenter, and designer of conversational UIs on 5 different projects in a variety of industries, will discuss key aspects of the conversational bot experience and conversational UI best practices. You’ll learn: how to pick the right bot framework, how to use basic building blocks of bot dialog (Intents, Entities, Dialogs) to create conversational UIs, and the key importance of context and channels (Mobile, Wearables, etc.) for shaping the conversational experience. We’ll spend the bulk of time on what is “right around the bend” in the near future of conversational UIs. From practical tips, you can put to work immediately to inspiration for your next project, be prepared to come away saying: “Bot Future so Bright, Gotta Wear Ear-Muffs!”

This event has already passed.

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