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Virtual Seminar: QR Codes That Convert: Mobile UX Strategies for Success

QR Codes That Convert: Mobile UX Strategies for Success

Mobile EssentialsSeries Virtual Seminar Presentation

You heard the rap before.“Juice ainâ€t worth the squeezeâ€â€œQR codes donâ€t convertâ€â€œNobody can figure how to scan themâ€

Truth is, unless bedbugs are somehow involved, people love using their mobile phone to engage with environment around them. And QR codes (short for Quick Response) are a wonderful tool in a mobile UX toolkit – and given the right motivation, people will gladly scan them and engage with your content.

But donâ€t take my word for it.

According to comScore:

  • 14 million Americans scanned a QR code in June 2011.

  • 60.5% of code scanners were male.

  • 53.4% were 18-34 years old.

  • 36.1 percent had a household income of at least $100,000.

So how do you effectively engage with these millions of Olympic Caliber Shoppers?

Real, practical advice that tells you exactly how to do that is the subject of my virtual seminar.

Using loads of examples, UX patterns and anti-patterns, you will learn:

  1. What is a QR Code? – all the tools you need to make effective decisions about which to size and error correction level to choose.

  2. Whatâ€s up with Decorations? – how to create great-looking QR code ads without spending a fortune.

  3. How do I get one? – best places to get QR codes, from free servers to high-end dedicated ad campaigns.

  4. Providing Content – enhance the product experience with relevant information and create a “longing for the sea”.

  5. Driving Social Engagement – Use QR Codes to connect 10x more customers with your social media offerings.

  6. Personal Connections – why LinkedIn page is a poor choice and how to create personal landing pages that drive real value.

  7. Driving App Downloads – use a single QR code to download any app, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

  8. Connecting Physical and Virtual – take advantage of amazing opportunities to create magical mobile experiences.

  9. QR Code Bloopers & Antipatterns – mistakes to avoid and best practices.

  10. Interactive Exercises – applying what you learned to three different real-world problems.

All without leaving the comfort of your own office.

If you are considering using QR codes as part of your customer engagement strategy, or want to improve adoption and make the most of your current QR code investment, this virtual seminar is for you.

“The QR Codes that Convert webinar has already paid for itself. I was able to tweak a clientâ€s QR campaign today, using what I learned, and it started increasing their customer engagement right away. I would recommend this webinar to anyone using QR codes in their marketing campaigns or anyone advising clients who use QR Codes.†– Marty Diamond, Diamond Website Conversion

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