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Practical Ecommerce Search: UX Strategies for Success

Practical Ecommerce Search: UX Strategies for Success

The fastest, most effective way to improve your search experience and your bottom line. 110% Guaranteed.

In-house 1-Day Workshop with Greg Nudelman

From the author of Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success (Wiley, 2011) comes the workshop designed to radically re-think and improve your search experience.

I help you understand searching and shopping as high-touch social experience: how people search on your site and why that affects how much they buy. Then I show you how to improve your search experience through unique yet practical and intuitive interface design patterns that create 10X or more in ROI.

Together, we tackle the bleeding edge of mobile and tablets to create your digital strategy using my Cross Channel UX Design Framework. I draw upon rich illustrations and examples to explain user behavior and design patterns I collected from over 12 years of search experience working with top firms and organizations like eBay, Groupon, Associated Press, US Patent Office, Genentech and Rearden Commerce.

This workshop is completely customized to your unique needs and search requirements. You learn the best search design patterns and techniques from the master.

110% Guaranteed.

I am so confident you will become the mobile design authority, and have fun on the process that I guarantee it 110%. Not happy? Just let me know, and get every penny back plus 10%. You win. I lose. No questions asked. Yes. Just like that.

“Greg brings fresh out-of-the-box thinking to the UX design process and truly understands what it means to put the customer first. The wealth of experience he brings to the table from designing successful search and e-commerce systems is invaluable. He’s a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.†– Dante Moore, Director of Product Design, Associated Press

“Greg was hired by Associated Press to help make sense of AP’s product search methodologies and practices. Greg produced fantastic results by delivering timely user-centered design solutions, absorbed input from users’ and business needs and quickly refined his solutions accordingly. His work has advanced AP’s product development across the enterprise.†– John Barrow, Manager, Product Design, Associated Press

Praise for Designing Search

“Designing Search is fantastically complete and a pleasure to read. Greg Nudelman’s book helps designers and developers avoid the many potholes associated with getting search right.”– Barbara Ballard, Principal at Linchpin Mobility

“One of top 3 books on search. If you are creating a search solution, you need this Designing Search.”– Avi Rappoport, Program Chair, Enterprise Search Summit Fall 2011

“Utterly fantastic! Buy it!”– Eric Reiss, CEO of The FatDUX Group

“If you’re designing user experiences on the web, you can’t afford to ignore search. It’s where most people initiate an intention to act. And if you’re designing for search, check out the book, Designing Search. If you want a one-stop shop for creating a great search experience, your search is over.”– Dave Gray, Founder of Xplane

“Search is the key to ecommerce, but search is more than a technology – it’s an experience. Greg Nudelman helps you understand search as an interactive design challenge and gives you the patterns to implement solutions.”– Pete Bell, CEO of Endeca

“I’ve got my copy of Designing Search & LOVE it! It’s far more than I expected it would be. Strong ‘BUY’ recommendation. All: go buy!”– Kim Krause Berg, Search Engine Marketing and Usability Manager at LiBeck Integrated Marketing

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