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  • HULT University Course: Advanced User Experience * July 2 – August 3, 2011 * San Francisco, CA

HULT University Course: Advanced User Experience * July 2 – August 3, 2011 * San Francisco, CA

Course Description

This course teaches how to create best-of-class cross-channel customer experiences on the mobile, tablet and web. Using Mobile-First design principles, students will learn the practical modern UX methods and best design approaches for each channel, with special focus on critical elements of mobile apps, search, navigation, forms and workflows. Although no technical expertise is required, half of the course will be activity-based; focusing on user-centred design approaches such as personas, rapid iterative testing and evaluation (RITE) and user stories.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn the best design approaches for each channel: mobile, tablet and web

  • Learn to design best of class search and navigation experiences

  • Learn to design usable forms and workflows

  • Learn iterative rapid paper prototyping and usability testing (RITE)

  • Research and develop personas as a focal point of development

  • Describe features and use cases in terms of goals and user stories

  • Appreciate the importance of a cross-channel design strategy

  • Learn storytelling and collaboration in cross-functional user-centered design

About HULT Business School

Hult is currently ranked in the top 1% of all business schools. Hult is ranked #1 for International Experience and #5 for International Business by the Financial Times as well as the #17 best business school in the U.S. and #27 in the world by The Economist.

Hult offers students a unique opportunity to see the world while they study on Global Campus Rotation. Students could begin in Boston and then travel to Shanghai via London, or San Francisco via Dubai.

Hult launched the first dedicated Master degree covering digital marketing, search engine technology, and the impact of social media. The school also organizes the worldâ€s largest business school competition—the Hult Global Case Challenge—that crowdsources ideas from students all over the world to help a leading non-profit organization tackle a major social challenge.

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