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How to make Agile work for your Mobile Design project

How to make Agile work for your Mobile Design project

Why we donâ€t do mobile usability tests (and neither should you)

Mobile Design Essentials ™ Series Virtual Seminar Presentation

“Greg is a master of mobile interaction design. Even though we knew what we wanted in our mobile solution, his seminar … brought to our attention certain aspects of the interaction and testing we didnâ€t consider. I highly recommend Greg to anybody who is working on a mobile solution.†– Jay Tkachuk, Online Services Manager, Security Service Federal Credit Union

I recently had dinner with one of my heroes and fellow Rosenfeld Media workshop leaders, Steve Krug. We had a long conversation about how to make mobile usability testing work for Agile mobile design projects. This webinar is the result.

Usability tests come to us from the processes of developing digital products and software for mature platforms of Internet and Desktop – predefined, complex tasks, done while sitting down, using keyboard and mouse.

Mobile is fundamentally different. It involves moving around, interacting with the environment, taking in a whole bunch of environmental inputs like GPS, Voice and Camera feed, all the while multi-tasking and operating the device one handed, using a fat meat-pointer.

Doesnâ€t it make sense for mobile dev teams to update the existing user-centered methodologies to meet the demands of this new platform?

Let the author of best-selling book Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success show you effective, economical ways to design and test for mobile platform using RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation) methodology. In this webinar, Greg will show you a case study demonstrating essential techniques of making Agile mobile design both effective and fun. Practical information you will be able to use the very same day.

 â€œHello Greg! Just wanted to give you a shout out once again for the great workshop you directed for our students, faculty and professionals. In seven hours you had us not fearing the beast, but being agile! †– Linda Menck, Marquette University


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