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GOLD SPONSOR: DrawCamp * October 23, 2011 * Milwaukee, WI

Agile Mobile Prototyping with Post-It NotesMobile is the next frontier for designers and developers alike with explosive growth and universal appeal unlike that of any other technology. And nowhere more than in mobile, is it more important to distill the experience down to essentials. While it’s tempting to fantasize about getting the mobile experience right the first time, in reality this rarely, if ever happens. Partly, this is due to the limitations of the mobile platform itself: as a designer you can’t provide extensive navigation structures, helpful content or visuals to ameliorate information architecture issues or interaction disasters. These factors make accessible mobile prototyping and continuous customer testing a virtual necessity for a successful mobile project. Unfortunately, most reliable desktop web prototyping frameworks such as Axure, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and HTML are too heavy and cumbersome for rapid prototyping on mobile devices and require significant investment of money and time.

Enter agile mobile paper prototyping. In this intensive, hands-on session, participants will learn how to use a pack of post-it notes to successfully simulate a mobile device and re-create and study key interactions, transitions and touch-screen control ergonomics cheaply, quickly and accurately. Participants will walk away with a set of completed paper-prototype screens of their next app, ready for testing. A limited number of Post-it notes packs will be provided, on a first-come basis.

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