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  • DrawCamp * June 12, 2010 * Milwaukee, WI

DrawCamp * June 12, 2010 * Milwaukee, WI

Storyboarding iPad TransitionsIn this session we will dig deep together into the frame-by-frame analysis of popular iPad interface transitions and discuss the animation principles behind the secrets of industrial design magic that makes iPad transitions such a compelling experience. Then, I will demonstrate how to easily draw both existing transitions and any new design ideas in a fun storyboard format using post-it notes (provided). At the end of the session, the participants will gain understanding of the basic structure of iPad transitions, and be able to design and document both existing transitions and their own UI transitions ideas in storyboard format and create design deliverables necessary to achieve team consensus.

Skill Level: Basic. No drawing talent is necessary! If you can draw a line and a box, I can show you how to draw transitions.

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