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  • Virtual Seminar: Cross-Channel Design: Magic Mobile Moments

Virtual Seminar: Cross-Channel Design: Magic Mobile Moments

Virtual Seminar: Cross-Channel Design: Magic Mobile Moments

Expert Strategy ™ Series Virtual Seminar

1 hour 30 minutes

2 Minute Preview

Why do some million-dollar apps fail, while simple apps like Instagram make billions?

The answer is “Magic Moments”

Let the author of best-selling book Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success show you how to create “Magic Moments” in your own Mobile and Tablet apps.

Mobile calls for a thinking differently. A unique opportunity to redesign our workflows to trim the fat, while at the same time taking advantage of the myriad sensors and unique mobile capabilities.

When mobile or tablet design is executed well, device feels like the extension of our bodies. Because interfaces respond even before we consciously give them a command. This kind of design “dissolves in behavior”. We feel empowered, as though we are wearing the Iron Man suit of cybernetic exoskeleton armor, or a Batman’s utility belt.

This is the “Magic Moment”. A burst of delight that turns your customer into raving fans. Fans that can’t help but insist their friends try your app. Right Now.

Greg will show you how to take full advantage of the new mobile and tablet capabilities to create these “Magic Moments” in your own Mobile and Tablet apps, using the avant-garde Cross Channel UX Design framework (recently presented at the Information Architecture Summit 2012 in New Orleans).

Using the Cross Channel UX Design framework, Greg will teach you how to:

Fully utilize the incredible assortment of mobile and tablet sensors

  • Minimize inputs by taking advantage of environmental inputs

  • Turn the lemons of low bandwidth and fat fingers into delightful lemonade using patent-pending Tap-Ahead suggestions interface

  • Cleverly combine history with new environmental sensors like NFC (Near Field Communication)

Induce and retain a state of flow

  • Balance task switching with designing for re-engagement and best-bets

  • Retain flow using in-context UI elements like popovers, real-time and local results

  • Answer the question of using responsive design vs. custom mobile and tablet flows

Put it all together to design digital magic

  • Create immersive experiences using lessons from games like Angry Birds and N.O.V.A.

  • Use content as navigation and create multi-touch gestures appropriate for device size and ergonomics

  • Use an emerging “Virtual Personal Assistant” UX pattern

Learn practical tools and concepts you need create “Magic Moments” in your mobile and tablet apps. All without leaving the comfort of your own office.

This seminar is not for beginners. However, if you are designing iPhone, iPad or Android apps and looking for mastery of the subject, while making the most out of the amazing opportunities these new platform offer, you can’t afford to miss this unique virtual seminar.

“Thank you for making me realize that I understand/utilize 20% of my iPhone’s capabilities and 2% of mobile technology.†– Riley Gerszewski, (@Rileygersh) on Twitter

“Gregâ€s Designing for Mobile workshop at Marquette University was the best hands-on workshop Iâ€ve attended this year… Greg loaded us up with useful tools and design patterns sharing the knowledge he gained designing for firms like eBay, Groupon, and Wells Fargo. He really knows his stuff. I highly recommend his workshop.†– Daria Kempka, Web and Interactive Producer, Marquette University

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